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Chaotic Good
Favored class
Base Abilities
AbilityBase RollAge/Race
Point buy cost: 20
A PFRPG character build.
1Fighter (1)Weapon Master
2Fighter (2)
Weapon Master Weapon
Earth breaker

1Power Attack
Weapon Focus: Earth breaker
2Furious Focus
BABCMBCMDHPFortRefWill StrDexConIntWisCha
1+16171231-120 (+5)12 (+1)12 (+1)14 (+2)8 (-1)7 (-2)
2+27182441-120 (+5)12 (+1)12 (+1)14 (+2)8 (-1)7 (-2)
Spells per day (+bonus)
Knowledge (dungeoneering)Knowledge (engineering)PerceptionProfession (a)Profession (b)Sense MotiveSurvival
11 (6)1 (6)0 (-1)1 (3)1 (3)1 (0)1 (3)
21 (6)1 (6)2 (1)2 (4)2 (4)2 (1)2 (4)
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Born and raised in the shore town of Beyd was known as the 98-pound number cruncher to the harbor's import office for the first several years of his adult life.

Seemingly happy with his simple lot in life, Beyd lived never lifting a hand out of violence in his life.

That was, until one day when Beyd was 25, and the ships stopped coming in.
The source of this was no secret: The lighthouse had been overrun by monsters over the weeks prior and had gone out from lack of tending.
This caught the attention of two people in particular: Falon, the renowned number-one tough guy sailor of Westport; and the woman he had been good friends with since the earliest years of his schooling: Shadis, harbormaster Sid's only daughter.
Upon returning from their quest, they informed Beyd of what he had inadvertently avoided: constant battle with monsters, angry form-given spirits, and a terrifying geist, a fight that even the seasoned adventurers had a great deal of trouble fighting.

Hearing this, Beyd found scarce regret in his decision not to go himself, and Sid apologized for almost sending one of his men to his death.

The adventuring group, needing to leave the pursue their own endeavors, offered Beyd their "victory spoils" instead. He gratefully accepted, and the adventurers went on their way.
Eight years passed. Sid has long since retired. Shadis has left the daytime running of the harbor to Beyd while she helps raise their one year-old daughter. All had been well. Until the day of the Rising.

News had made it to town mere minutes ahead of the endless undead hordes. Hearing of the danger on its way, Beyd instructed Shadis to take their child and make her way to the docks and flee the city, instructing the messenger to tell the sailors to evacuate as much of the town as possible onto the few ships that had been docked there at the time. Beyd stayed just long enough to gather a week's worth of food and a few sets of clothing for he and his family, before also discovering and grabbing his equipment as well.

Upon leaving his home, he turned and saw the hordes barreling through the city, mowing down all in their path. Beyd fled towards the docks even as the horde began its way down his street.
Unable to flee through the streets, Beyd soon had to climb onto and jump across several roofs on his way away from town. He had to dive off into the harbor to avoid being overcome by the sect of undead that had already reached the docks. Looking out, he saw a single ship had yet to leave, the rest of which were less than a hundred yards outside of the nation's walls. And the gates to the bay, which had never been shut during his lifetime, now were closing in at a slow but startling pace. Boarding the ship, he instructed them to leave immediately, and scolded them for staying behind to wait for him, nearly costing dozens of villagers their lives.

Immediately, Beyd began to search the ship for his wife and daughter, only to quickly be informed that she was not aboard. Over the several days the town's small fleet took to find the nearest civilized city, Beyd asked the other ships one by one, being informed by each that they had not seen Shadis or his daughter make it to the boats. Beyd spent the rest of the voyage locked in his cabin.

Many on his ship say he died there.
Near his age of retirement, Sid decided to take the opportunity into his own hands, and promised the position of the harbormaster's apprentice, and his daughter's hand in marriage, to whoever was able to overcome the creatures of the lighthouse and repair it so that it may shine for many years more, and bring the ships back in to port.

Sid saw Falon, his prized monstrosity of a sailor, as a shoe-in for this. But Beyd, seeing his life as a weakling had to end if he ever wanted to feel fulfilled, challenged him for the right to brave the lighthouse. Falon happily accepted, surprised at his sudden bravery, but unphased due to his meager stature.

Beyd sought the help of a small group of adventurers that found themselves stranded without a ship to carry them south to get stronger in order to win. Beyd's strength grew at a downright startling pace, and handily won the contest, but suffered injuries in the process anyway purely as a result of strain from being unused to fighting, much to the humor of the adventurers. He permitted them to take on the lighthouse in his stead, which they did.
Upon reaching land, Beyd helped his people settle down around town as best they could. His people took note of his lifeless demeanor throughout, and soon after asked the harbormaster there, who he had come to know over the years as a good man and a skilled trade merchant, for a job working the books for the docks. He accepted, offering Beyd his sincerest apologies over the tragedy that had befallen his village.

Beyd silently went to work, doing the only thing he knew before his new life began: Alongside the dock's current financier the name of which he scarcely could recall, Beyd became a mere number cruncher once again.

Luckily, this was not to last. Beyd went from resigned to angry the longer he did nothing. His mind had tried to shut itself down and forget the perfect normal life he had, but his spirit refused to die so willingly. Soon, Beyd took up his hammer once again, recalling the rapid pace at which he grew in strength when he trained before, and set to training himself once again.
Beyd quickly sees his unexplained knack for gaining power return, and after a few weeks, deems himself ready to begin his one man crusade into the dark lands.

The adventurers weren't going to solve this undead problem for him like they did the last. He would have to do it himself. And so, he vowed that he himself would find his family, alive or dead, and bring about the end of whatever dared to tear apart his life and destroy his home.
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          Name: [b]Beyd[/b]
Alignment: [b]Chaotic Good[/b]
Race: [b]Human[/b]
Favored Class: [b]Fighter[/b]

1 Fighter (1), Weapon Master
2 Fighter (2)
1 Weapon Master Weapon: Earth breaker.
1 Power Attack Cleave Weapon Focus: Earth breaker
2 Furious Focus
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Name: **Beyd**  
Alignment: **Chaotic Good**  
Race: **Human**  
Favored Class: **Fighter**  

**1 Fighter (1), Weapon Master**  
 > Weapon Master Weapon: Earth breaker.   

 >Feat: Power Attack Cleave Weapon Focus: Earth breaker   

**2 Fighter (2)**  

 >Feat: Furious Focus   


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